Through the initial search page, researchers will be able to search one or more of the 3 available corpora: 1) ESTC records, 2)contributed records (i.e. records that the ESTC has received from partner libraries or digitization projects, but which have not yet been definitively matched to ESTC records), or 3)indexed full text works (from links to freely-available texts).

On the search results page, users can prioritize which corpus records to browse and “filters” (for example, date of publication, publisher, etc.) will allow users to refine their results.  If there are certain filters you would find useful, please list them in the “Comments” area at the end of the Survey.


Advanced searching will allow traditional combined searching to retrieve specified records.  The advanced search option will also allow users to select specific data entries to search and to retrieve, and the results will be downloadable in a number of formats (Excel, Access, etc.).

Individual Accounts

Researchers will be able to create individual accounts (and will be required to do so to participate in user curation of data).  They will be able to save search histories, results and join group accounts.  User-defined “alerts” will provide information when records are added or edited according to preset criteria and will have the option to push those alerts through standard technologies like email and Twitter.  For example, one might want to know when a new pre-1701 work is added to the database or when URLs are added for works published between 1730 and 1740.  The survey at the end of the blog requests ideas for other features users want to see within their individual accounts.


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